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Mean Stack Training Gurgaon


The MEAN Stack is a powerful software bundle that allows developers to rapidly prototype and deploy performant web applications.

  • M = MongoDB: the popular database
  • E = Express.js: a lightweight web application framework
  • A = Angular.js: a robust framework for creating HTML5 and JavaScript-rich web applications
  • N = Node.js: a server-side JavaScript runtime

With the MEAN Stack, developers can write end-to-end JavaScript throughout their application, from the database, to server side operations and client side handling, leaving fewer margins for error and enabling rapid application development.

With MongoDB, developers can store documents in a JSON-­like format, write JSON queries on the ExpressJS and NodeJS based server, and seamlessly pass JSON documents to the AngularJS frontend.

In this course you will learn to build a full stack web application using MEAN Stack (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS) web development.

What you will learn

  • Learn to Code a MEAN Stack Application
  • Develop Single Page Applications
  • Write code for Express Back-End Web Services
  • Develop AngularJS Services, Filters and Directives
  • Create and Query MongoDB
  • Create and use a RESTful API's
  • Web scraping
  • Use Boostrap styling for responsive design


No prior experience with any of the MEAN stack technologies needed. The only prerequisite is a basic knowledge of the JavaScript programming language.



First and foremost advantage is the use of Javascript as a language. Since, using javascript in the frontend and backend makes it easier to understand and write production level code.

  • All the technologies in the MEAN stack are open source. Hence providing a Community driven support.
  • NodeJS provides a non blocking server interaction, helping to build fully responsive and scalable web application.
  • MongoDB complements the non blocking nature of NodeJS. MongoDB doesn't have complex joins or big E-R diagrams, it all plain , simple and easy to work.
  • AngularJS provides the full set of features to build the most responsive and good looking front end of a web application.

Career and future prospects

In the field of web development MEAN Stack is the future, it is new and more powerful than PHP, MEAN stack out performs PHP in every way. Major well know companies working on MEAN stack are LinkedIn, Fidelity and many more. MEAN stack has been fully adopted by LinkedIn and it is becoming a mainstream Web development framework, which might eventually replace LAMP stack and other frameworks such as Django.